sexta-feira, novembro 11, 2005


«It makes me lonely,
It makes me very lonely,
When I see you here, waitin' on.

It makes me tired,
It makes me very tired,
And inside of me, lingers on.

But you have your heart, oh,
Don't believe it,
And you ran outside, waiting on.

Everything I said, oh,
Well I meant it,
And inside my head, holdin' on.

'Cause if I died tonight,
Would you hold my head, oh,
Would you understand?

And if I lied in spite,
Would you still be here,
No, would you disappear?

Surely must be you,
Surely must be you,
But I don't make you lonely.

I'll get over you,
I'll get over you,
But I don't make you lonely. »

(The Cramberries)


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